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Sunday, April 22, 2007

"American pets are just the canaries in the coal mine on this, folks. If we don't demand an end to the FDA protecting the food industry's profits instead of the American people, if we don't demand to know where the components of our food are coming from, soon it'll be American children hooked up to tubes and wires in hospitals, victim to organ failures for what seems to be no reason at all." -BAB, on recalls

I can't claim I was particularly up-in-arms about the pet food recalls - I've been watching em, sure, but not closely, and only as a noteworthy but ultimately boring (disgustingly 'more of the same') news item.

Until this quote, above, from Brilliant At Breakfast.

I can't say I have much to add - she makes a brilliant and much needed point (and for me, epitomizes what I think of as "good journalism") and raises points for a discussion I don't expect that we'll ever have, in this (American) culture, but badly need to be having.

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