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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Typical Swedish homecooking?

They use more creme here. A lot. They put creme in places I've never heard of.

For example: whitefish fillet floated in a lake of creme mixed with a little flour to thicken and salt, pepper, and maybe a herb mixture for flavor... baked, and served over sticky rice (I think potatoes are traditional).

Also, Semlar, homemade Swedish sweet cardamom-flavored pastries filled with two types of whipped creme. The first filling is whipped with shredded marzipan, creme, and shredded bread from the middle of the pastry. The second filling is spooned on top and is simply creme and sugar, whipped.

Also dinner of mushrooms fried in butter until golden brown and soft, mixed with a liter of sour creme (they don't make it low-fat here) and a jar of pesto, mixed and heated through, served over pasta. It's damn good, but I felt like I should be able to feel my arteries closing as I ate.

Breakfast? Amazing!

Sliced nutty fresh bakery bread, knuckelbrod (here for sale), Finnish split dark bread, sliced ham with a little fork, butter, a huge wedge of mild white cheese and a cheese slicer, a pot of tea, milk, and something else I think I'm forgetting. The spread took up half the table and I was the only person eating - insane.

Also, no post about Swedish food would be complete without mentioning the Swedish contribution to addictive crack-like substances: the Chokladboll. Or skip to the recipe and make your own (unstated is the need to put everything in a blender or food processor - oats are not used as-is - also, I prefer the kind rolled in coconut rather than pearl sugar).

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