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Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Present-day children see films, listen to the radio, watch television, read serial strips - this can all be quite pleasant, but it has very little to do with imagination. A child, alone with his book, creates for himself, somewhere in the secret recesses of the soul, his own pictures which surpass all else. Such pictures are necessary for humanity. On that day that the children's imagination no longer has the strength to create them, on that day humanity will be the poorer. All great things that have happened in the world, happened first of all in someone's imagination, and the aspect of the world of tomorrow depends largely on the extent of the power of imagination in those who are just now learning to read. This is why children must have books, and why there must be people... who really care what kind of books are put into the children's hands."

(Something, 130) Astrid Lindgren; 1958

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