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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I love evolutionary theory. I'm sad that I'm finishing my undergraduate degree (not sad about that!) and won't be able to take an evolutionary theory class before I graduate.

So much of what is being discovered through this method of approaching various areas of science is immediately applicable to our lives. It's far more accessible than the historical disciplines and provides a popular understanding for psychology, nutrition, and understanding of biological or business processes.

More importantly to me, it provides a framework for understanding scientific process, discovery, new methods of thought, and fashions of psychology or nutrition in a critical way. Criticizing the latest nutritional scam shouldn't take advanced degrees in nutrition or health, it should be a logical, simple, and straightforward process to apply to the conclusions of a study, author, or public figure.

The tragedy that is the dumbing down of science and the farce that is "intelligent design" is another post for another day, but it bears noting that the future repercussions of the educational decisions we make today will be with us for the next 80 years at minimum. Isn't teaching students to be critical thinkers while respecting scientific thought, research, and discoveries one of the goals of education?

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Blogger Freedom Toaster said...

In the course of randomly flipping through blogspot blogs, I came across yours and just wanted to say that you should be commended for doing this sort of cultural analysis during your time overseas. I hope you'll put your knowledge to good use upon your return.

8:59 PM


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