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Friday, December 29, 2006

More worried than excited. Money is the prime culprit and my realization that I haven't yet ordered a laptop and unless I'm planning on buying one off-the-shelf, I'm going to run into delivery problems if I don't do it soon!

Now, how to *pay* for everything (still, no camera)?!!

In the getting shit done department, I've wiped and reinstalled my old laptop for Michelle's use while I'm gone, set up a Skype acct for both of us, GTalk and GDesktop for her with instructions for use, and learned my way around a webcam (my first).

Tomorrow, puppies and kitties and enjoying my (?) last day? at the vet office (I'll miss it, it keeps me sane!).

Yesterday, thanks to News Trust (and this article) I learned that Sweden suffers a spring algae bloom that locals say turns the Baltic Sea into 'rhubarb soup'. I can't wait to check it out.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


A little more than a month to go and I feel behind already.

I've ordered shoes and a waterproof shell (the closest I've come to an actual coat) and I've spent hours and hours with my budget (did I forget to account for a cell phone? a used bike? how much will I pay for laundry?).

I've made rudimentary contacts within the Vaxjo University system and attempted one contact within the Länsstyrelsen system (a souped-up local-natl governmental and public health program with focus in a variety of areas including veterinary and animal agriculture - this is a topic of much interest). So far, nothing has panned out for an internship - but I'm still looking.

I've downloaded Before You Know It's rudimentary Swedish language software and have played with it a bit (not enough - I'm hampered by the lack of a laptop).

I don't know the key combos necessary to get the 'vowels with the dots' and don't even know what they're called. I have yet to order a pocket dictionary (and wonder if it's necessary - so far, my contacts with university staff says I won't need it!).