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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


A little more than a month to go and I feel behind already.

I've ordered shoes and a waterproof shell (the closest I've come to an actual coat) and I've spent hours and hours with my budget (did I forget to account for a cell phone? a used bike? how much will I pay for laundry?).

I've made rudimentary contacts within the Vaxjo University system and attempted one contact within the Länsstyrelsen system (a souped-up local-natl governmental and public health program with focus in a variety of areas including veterinary and animal agriculture - this is a topic of much interest). So far, nothing has panned out for an internship - but I'm still looking.

I've downloaded Before You Know It's rudimentary Swedish language software and have played with it a bit (not enough - I'm hampered by the lack of a laptop).

I don't know the key combos necessary to get the 'vowels with the dots' and don't even know what they're called. I have yet to order a pocket dictionary (and wonder if it's necessary - so far, my contacts with university staff says I won't need it!).



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